Passion for a job well done

Ethics, culture of hard work and humanity. 80 years after it was founded, Varma retains the spiritual inheritance Don Hilario de Mata, Marqués de Vargas, instilled into the company.


Our commitment to good business practice and environmental protection can be seen in the company's adherence to a strict internal policy of recycling and energy-efficient lighting.

In the Dominican Republic, our rum production plants closely comply with international regulations on protecting the natural environment and recycling organic waste. Furthermore, we ensure that no child labour is used and invest 5% of profit from the distillery into social work that aims to improve the lives of local people.


Responsible drinking

As a member of the FEBE (Spanish Federation of Spirit Drinks), Grupo Varma respects legal and voluntary regulations on limiting advertising, with a particular focus on protecting those who are under-age.

All advertising materials that are aimed at the end consumer include a responsible drinking notice and must be approved by Autocontrol Publicitario.


Business culture

Our approach to work and our relationships with employees, clients and represented brands are based on the following 14 points:

  • Pride in successfully competing with far larger companies.
  • Customer service.
  • Understanding the market.
  • Professional human teams.
  • Appreciating the needs of our clients and the consumer.
  • Strength in the on-trade sector.
  • Rapid decision-making.
  • Commercial flexibility.
  • In-depth understanding of Spanish cultural differences.
  • Experience in working with every kind of spirit.
  • Dedication to protecting our brands.
  • Search for excellence.
  • Team work.


Code of Ethics

In Varma Group, all employees commit to the values, principles, and ethical criteria of the company. These shared values guide the exercise of their professional activities.


Check out the Code of Conduct of Varma Group here

Complaints Channel

The Complaints Channel platform is available in the following languages: Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Galician, English, Italian, Flemish, and Portuguese. Incidents can be reported in these languages. The data from incidents and reports will be handled by an independent company from Varma Group in a confidential manner, in accordance with our Code of Ethics.

Access to the Complaints Channel
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