The Reward of a Great Teamwork

At Varma we work to every represented brand to reach the success and continue beeing in the top of the market.  We are proud of having great succesful cases in our backs and we want to share some of them with you.


Ron Barceló, preferred by young people

In 1994, Varma began to distribute Ron Barceló in Spain and in 2000 the brand was acquired by the group. We have all together made it a sales leader in the Dark rum Spanish market thanks to focusing the strategy on the consumer by means of the Philosophy of “Vive ahora”. A high profile example of this is the creation of Ron Barceló Desalia festival, attracting more than 5000 consumers every year to enjoy the most important music festival in the Caribbean.

The new super Premium Gin

In 2004, the distribution of Hendrick´s Gin in Spain was incorporated into Varma. A new extravagant and amusing staging was raised by means of the communication concept "A MOST UNUSUAL GIN", being very different to any earlier staged operation for a gin brand. Such was the success that in only seven years we have accomplished to increase thirteenfold the sales becoming a leader in the super premium domain by exceeding 30 points of the segment quote.

Sales Development