Fireball burns Spanish Market


  • Varma Spirits & Wines starts distribution in Spain of the world leader ‘Spice Whisky’
  • It is the 2nd brand of spirituous best performing globally in the last years *
  • Its spicy touch in contrast to his perfect-serve very cold have made of the irreverent Fireball the favourite Brand among young people around the world


The Spanish spirits market burns with the arrival of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey, the iconic Canadian whiskey infused with cinnamon bursting in our country with Varma Spirits & Wines, the national distributor spirits and wines leader in Spain.


The success of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey in foreign markets has reached unprecedented levels. In other countries, Fireball has positioned itself as one of the best premium spirits world – in the Top 20 worldwide- and is the leading brand of millenialls parties, to the point of becoming the second mark spirituous best performing in recent years.


His popularity in the US hfireballas increased exponentially over the last four years, in which the brand has gone from 0.1M to 4.6M 9-liter cases. Fireball is already present in the European market: UK, Sweden, Finland, Germany, France and finally lands strongly in Spain.


In the words of Jorge Cansinos, CEO of Varma Spirits & Wines, “We are very pleased with this agreement to begin distributing in Spain such a powerful and attractive brand internationally. With Fireball we do not only expand our extensive portfolio, but we do it with a reference, an example to follow in growth within the industry. ”


Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey was a pioneer among spirits from around the world thanks to a novel ingredient: the infusion of cinnamon as an essential element of their development process liquor makes this a unique product with irresistible sweet and palatable taste.


Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey is served in frozen shot glass, to create a strong contrast between the cold and spicy and spicy touch. That cinnamon flavor, sweet and irresistible, also provides the liquor versatility to match similar citrus flavors and drinks.


*Source: Impact Magazine, Report ‘Hot Brands 2015’, spirits category.