100% Malt Whisky created for mixology

Monkey Shoulder pays tribute with its name, to its first artisans for their hard work and dedication in distilling whisky. They have escaped the world's most old malt traditions by blending Speyside Single Malts, achieving a smooth and versatile flavour. This Premium Whisky stands out for its orange aromas combined with the sweet notes of vanilla and the intensity of its body, which make it the perfect pairing for many cocktails.

Smokey Monkey is the new revolution in smoked whiskies

A blend of malts so subtle has never been seen. The difference with the original product is that these malts are smoked with peat. The quintessential Scottish technique for smoking whisky.

With this bottle you will be able to give a touch of smoke to all the cocktails you want to present.

On the nose it offers light notes of smoke, toasted woods and spicy vanilla finish. As for the taste, it has soft notes of smoke while leaving a subtle taste of quality whisky, round and intense.