Capitán Maní original recipe

Authentic peanut butter, made according to the traditional patterns of the American recipe. Capitán Maní, the leading brand in the Spanish market and is high in nutrition and energy, making it perfect to energize you at breakfast, lunch or teatime. Enjoy it in sandwiches, blend it in a protein shake or add it to your desserts.

Maní soft and crunchy 100% peanut

The new 100% smooth peanut and 100% crunchy peanut creams, with their delicious and crunchy peanut pieces, arrive to cover a new consumer trend, designed especially for athletes. It is a vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free product, which brings together all the properties of peanuts: protein (24%), fiber, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, vitamin E and much more.

No added salt or sugars, no oils, just roasted and ground peanuts.

Peanut butter & dark chocolate, the sweetest and most irresistible version of Capitán Maní

The new premium recipe, which brings together the benefits of peanuts and the unmistakable flavor of dark chocolate. In "twist" format, with both creams separated into spiral-shaped strips, without mixing. It comes in a glass jar to enjoy a fresher and more sustainable consumption.

Perfect to take in moments of whim, but also ideal for the most complete breakfasts and snacks. Spread it on a slice of rustic bread, on a crispy biscuit, as a dip with pickles, breadsticks or dare to taste it directly from the spoon, you won't be able to stop!